12 Benefits of using the smartwatches

We all know what smartwatches are and how they use the internet and touch-screen technology to aid you. But many of us feel that smartwatches are not as important if we have a good smartphone. Is this the case?

Well, the answer lies in what all smartwatches are capable of doing that our phones are not. For this, we bring to you this article where we discuss the benefits of having a smartwatch in great detail and try to gauge if they are better than smartphones or not and what benefits do they give us.

Benefits of having a Smartwatches

Let’s start by knowing the main benefits of smartwatches:

Telling the time, but so much more!

At the very basic level, yes, smartwatches also serve the function of a traditional watch. People with this requirement go for smartwatches just for the high-end look that they have and simply because they are very fashionable.

A good-looking smartwatch speaks a lot about the personality of the wearer. And this is why traditional watches are becoming less and less popular with people these days.

Smartwatches not only offer you the time but also a load of other options which can be bought for prices similar to traditional watches! We will explain more of these features in the rest of the article.

Fitness and health tracking

Smartwatches come in handy in tracking your fitness goals and giving you accurate data of how your training or workout routine is going. They are equipped with tracking and measuring features like step counters, calorie monitors as well as sedentary reminders to jerk you out of laziness.

They provide you with overall fitness tools as well as specific tools like heart rate monitors, ECG monitors, and other features to know about the overall well-being of the user.

Finding your items

Smartwatches can be essential when it comes to finding your keys and other items when you lose them. With the Find Your Phone feature that a lot of smartwatches have, you can easily locate your device if you lose it before urgently going off for a meeting or a flight.

The find takes seconds and your phone starts ringing at full volume. To find keys, you can attach a specialized key finder to your keychain and leave the rest to your smartwatch.

Playing music

Today we need music everywhere we go. With your smartwatch, you can play your music whenever and wherever you want without any hassles. You can also control your playback using the control feature on your Smartwatches which does not let you have to look at your phone again and again.

These days, you can also play music directly on your smartwatches using Wi-Fi without having to connect them to your phones. You can download the songs directly into your smartwatch’s memory and enjoy the tunes!

Navigation purposes

Finding directions on your phone can be cumbersome and doing so when you are driving or cycling can even get you fined for violating traffic rules and being negligent! But worry not because smartwatches have got your backs.

The GPS and navigation features in your smartwatches help you find your way on the go. By vibrating at different frequencies, the smartwatch lets you know where to turn and when to stop so that you reach your desired destination without any problems.

Call management

It can become pretty annoying to repeatedly take your phone out of your bags or pockets to attend or reject an incoming call. But with smartwatches, this is a problem of the past.

Smartwatches allow you to reject or answer a call without any phone interaction. Some smartwatches also come with intuitive gesture recognition so all you have to do is wave to answer a call! Call management has never been easier before.

Text management

Texting can be distracting and time-consuming, especially when you have to type and manage them all by yourself. Smartwatches are already more accessible than phones and with voice support, managing texts and notifications becomes a cakewalk.

Obviously, smartwatches will never be able to replace smartphone texting but they can take away the awkwardness in situations when you absolutely have to text back in a second without having to fumble with your phones.

Statement of style

Smartwatches are a great complement to your professional look and also pair up well with jewelry. Smartwatches add a touch of professionalism, class, elegance, and sophistication while also simplifying a lot of things for you. Why would anyone want to miss that?

Managing notifications

Smartwatches offer users the ease of accessing their phone notifications from their wrists. Social media notifications, app notifications, and message notifications can be accessed from smartwatches once connected to a smartphone. This means users can stay up to date with a turn of the wrist.

Smartwatches support a wide range of apps and are capable of displaying app notifications on your wrist itself. This gives you hassle-free management of app notifications and lets you access your apps without having to check your phone from time to time.

Emergency situations

In today’s unpredictable lifestyle, no one is safe from accidents, even minor ones like dropping your phone or spilling coffee on your laptops. What if we tell you that smartwatches avoid all these problems and can protect themselves if such situations arise? It would be cool, right?

Well, they do! Smartwatches come with a waterproof body as well as a dust-resistant outer body that protects them from the weather’s wear and tears and keeps them safe even when you get stuck in a thunderstorm.

Moreover, smartwatches also come with a feature that detects if a smartwatch or its user has fallen down and sends out an emergency signal. This does use the drop sensor which determines the rate of acceleration and can even call up emergency services for you if you fall into danger.

Lasts longer than your phone!

To a lot of people, a smartwatch is not worth it if you have a high-end smartphone. However, this is not the case because the batteries that smartwatches come with last ten times longer than smartphones.

Smartwatches can assist you for up to 10 days on a single charge which makes them very reliable for emergency situations where you want to save the battery of your phone. Also, the number of features you get in smartwatches for this powerful battery makes it totally worth it!

Entertainment buddy

If you want to play a YouTube video immediately, you do not have to take your phone out. The video is only a few clicks away. This is how a smartwatch aids your entertainment.

Watch your favorite videos and listen to your favorite tunes on your wrist without any hassles from your phones! It definitely cannot replace the big screens of smartphones but convenience is definitely something you would love.

Other cool features you get

  • ECG
  • Blood Pressure measurement
  • Step counter and calorie monitor
  • Different modes for different activities
  • Sleep activity tracker
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Wrist-based heart rate monitor
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Compass
  • Thermometer
  • Reminder options
  • Weather prediction

Ultimately, smartwatches, like smartphones, make your life easier, are very accessible, and operate along similar lines. But the benefits of smartwatches are immense if you are a multi-tasker, a traveler, a fitness worshipper, or just require specific features to monitor your activities.

We hope these benefits of smartwatches give you a good idea as to how smartwatches are so much better at connectivity and organization than smartphones. Good luck with your purchase!

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