Best Bluetooth Speakers in India For 2021

The wireless Bluetooth speakers are currently trending on Indian gadgets market. People love to buy the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

So check our list and then select the perfect Bluetooth speaker according to need. 

The wireless Bluetooth speaker most of us use outdoors so before buying any of this must check outer body material quality.

Now this time to explore some best wireless Bluetooth(portable) speakers in India for 2021.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers in India for 2021

1. JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 5 Manufacturer by JBL company. The JBL is the market leader in the music industry. This company is known for premium music products.

JBL Flip 5 is one of the best bluetooth speakers in india

This JBL wireless speaker is available in many different colors. So you can choose any color. And specially army colors look very cool.

Body Design & Quality

The JBL Flip comes with round shape and long size. You can keep this speaker as you want like up or down site. With a rubber stand you do not worry about body scratch.

There are two side bass management designs that help to deliver excellent bass experience. And a round body made of premium material. 

JBL Flip 58 has a button on the body for control sound and connectivity. You can also manage Party-boost features here.

Speakers Features

  • This bluetooth speaker delivers high and clear sound with a deep bass. Never matter outdoor use or indoor use the JBL Flip 5 gives best sound quality.
  • Sometimes you feel speakers deliver low music in outdoor use but that's not correct. Because I personally use this speaker.
  • Really, speaker quality is very good in this wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • This speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity. So you don't need any wired for connecting this speaker with your smartphone.

Battery Capacity

  • You can use this speaker for 12 hours with a single charge. So you can easily play music for a longer time and enjoy music. 
  • The 12 hour battery back is the best feature in this JBL Flip 5.
  • This is a small battery so you can charge the speaker with your power bank. For charging the JBL Flip 5 you can use android data cable.

Additional details

  • The product weight is 739g and 69x180x74 product dimensions. Speaker nominal and maximum power output is 20 watt.
  • This Bluetooth speaker has a IPX7 Waterproof system for use by speakers in 3 feet deep water.
  • The party-boost option helps to connect all JBL Bluetooth speakers and enjoy loud sound at parties.


  • JBL Signature Sound
  • IPX7 Waterproof Panel
  • Outdoor and indoor use
  • 12 Hours Battery Backup
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Party-boost connection
  • Bass radiator
  • 1 Year Warranty

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Ultimate Ears is the fastest growing company in Bluetooth speakers.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Here we are discussing the boom 3 version but the company released many versions of this Bluetooth(portable) speaker.

Body Design & Quality

The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 has a round design for delivering 360 degree audio.

This speaker is made by two-tone fabric to give lightweight experience.

The dynamic and light full button to manage speakers. You can directly manage the playlist with pressing the speaker button.

The speaker is built with heavy material for use in adventure and other outdoor activity.

All over body quality and design is outstanding on this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Speakers Features 

  • This speaker delivers powerful loud with immersive 360 degree sound and extra bass. The sound balance is perfect to hear clear sound easily.
  • This speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to smartphones.
  • The Ultimate Ears Boom 3 easily works with android devices, IOS and windows devices. 

Battery Capacity

  • The 15 hours long battery life with a super lithium-ion battery cell. Use this speaker 15 hours continuously without charging tension.
  • The wireless charging systems available on Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Bluetooth speaker.
  • So you can charge the speaker without a wired connection.

Additional details

  • Ultimate Ears Boom 3 comes with IP67 Waterproof and Dust-proof system. 
  • So this speaker works in water for 30 minute and you don't need to clear it every time.
  • You can also use many Ultimate speakers with a single connection and enjoy outdoor music with very loud volume.


  • Waterproof and Dust-proof
  • 15 hour battery life
  • Wireless charging
  • 360 degree sound output
  • Primum design
  • Advanced button
  • Lightweight
  • 2 Year Warranty

3. Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB12 Speaker

Sony is the most popular company in all over the world for sound equipment.

Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB12 wireless best bluetooth speakers in india

Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB12 is the newest model in wireless Bluetooth portable speaker series.

Body Design & Quality

The small and compact design with detestable strap to keep and go anywhere with this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Really, body design and build quality is extremely outstanding.

The Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB12 available in five different colors. The black, blue, red, green, and grey color for this wireless Bluetooth speaker.

Speakers Features

  • With the Extra Bass system you feel a deep and punchy bass rhythm. A passive radiator helps to deliver better enhanced low-end tunes.
  • The stereo and mono audio output types in this wireless Bluetooth speaker. The sound quality is excellent and crystal-clear.

Battery Capacity

  • You can listen to a song for a long time with 16 hours long battery life. The lithium ion battery cell used in this portable speaker.
  • You can charge this Bluetooth speaker with a power bank by connecting the USB cable.

Additional details

  • Sony Extra Bass SRS-XB12 speaker comes with an in-built mic to enjoy hands free calling experience.
  • This speaker has an IP67 rating to survive in dropped water and rainfall. So you can use this speaker while enjoying a rain bath.
  • The Sony Bass SRS-XB12 has a dustproof body. So it doesn't matter where you keep the speaker.


  • Small and light design
  • Long life battery(16 hours)
  • Extra Bass
  • In-built mic for hands free call
  • Waterproof and dust-proof 
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1 Year warranty by Sony.

4. boAt Stone 650 Bluetooth Speaker

boAt is a well marketed company in India. The boAt company is famous for headphones.

boAt Stone 650 wireless bluetooth portable speakers

This boAt Stone 650 is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker in India for 2021.

So, let's check boAt Stone 650 features.

Body Design & Quality

The premium design materials used in boAt Stone 650 wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker body is made by sleek and exquisite ipx 5 design.

This design was made easy with dotted diamond shaped mesh and silicon coated finishing on the side.

The boAt Stone 650 has a multi-function button control system to control speaker sound and other features.

The aux port and SD card port helps to connect speakers with additional drives. So you can save your phone battery.

Speakers Features

  • The dynamic HD sound system helps to deliver full HD and clear sound.
  • There are 2 drivers pumping out 10w's of enrapturing sound amplified by the smooth grooving subwoofer stroll.
  • This boAt wireless Bluetooth speaker really delivers a good quality of sound.

Battery Capacity

  • This speaker had 1800mah battery backup to use the speaker nonstop for 7 hours. The 7 hours battery life is enough but not too long.

Additional details

The boAt Stone 650 has a water resistant design to keep music on with water drops.

This is the best feature in this wireless Bluetooth speaker.


  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Dynamic HD sound
  • Sleek and ipx 5 design
  • 7 hour battery life
  • Aux and SD card slot 
  • 1 Year warranty by boAt

5. Zebronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics makes it, gaming hardware, and sound equipment. This company was founded in 1997.

Zebronics Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Zebronics tries to make perfect Bluetooth speakers for Indian market.

Zebronics ZEB-AXON is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India. 

Body Design & Quality

The speaker height 9 cm and 27 cm speaker width. This speaker has only black color.

This zebronics Bluetooth speaker comes with a barrel design. The barrel design helps to deliver better sound in every angle.

The ZEB-AXON comes with rubber handles and stand caps to keep the speaker without touching the ground. 

Speakers Features 

  • The 6W output power and driver size 2.5 inch. The speaker impedance 4 ohm and frequency response is 100Hz - 16kHz helps to deliver powerful sound.

Battery Capacity

  • This speaker comes with a lithium ion battery. You can play music at maximum volume for 2 hour nonstop with a single charge.
  • This type of battery takes a maximum of 3 hours to fully charge.

Additional details

  • ZEB-AXON has in-built FM stations. So you can listen to FM here without any additional connection.
  • The big controller for managing sounds,FM, and speaker connectivity. AUX, USB and SD Card ports available in this wireless Bluetooth speaker.
  • This speaker has 2.1 Bluetooth connectivity. This is very normal Bluetooth.
  • In the market many other speakers give advanced versions of the Bluetooth system.


  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Barrel design and handle strap
  • USB, AUX, and SD Card slots
  • In-built FM
  • Sound Controller
  • 3 hours charging time
  • 1 Year warranty by Zebronics 

6. HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speaker

This is a mini pocket size wireless Bluetooth speaker by HP.

HP Mini 300 Bluetooth Speaker

According to the customer reviews you can buy this speaker for indoor uses as well as outdoor.

Body Design & Quality

A small size mini speaker comes with lots of features. This speaker has a belt clip for easily carried with clips. 

The square and lightweight wireless Bluetooth speaker. HP gives many colors options for choosing your favourite color.

In-built advanced button for control speaker, dust tight and splash resistant body. This kind of feature helps to protect speakers with threats.

Speakers Features

  • This speaker comes with rich stereo sound. Which is perfectly suitable for outdoor use.
  • The clear and powerful sound makes the product unique then other speakers.
  • Really HP gives excellent sound quality in HP mini 300 bluetooth speakers.

Battery Capacity

  • The 8 hour battery life with a lithium ion battery cell. You can charge this battery full within 3 hours.

Additional details

  • HP mini 300 bluetooth speaker comes with an in-built microphone to enjoy hands free calling.
  • This speaker is easily compatible with Android, IOS, and Windows devices.


  • Loud audio for outdoor use
  • Wireless bluetooth connectivity
  • In-built mic
  • 8 hours battery life
  • Carry clips
  • Dust tight & splash resistant
  • Simple Controller 
  • 1 Year warranty by HP

7. Marshall Kilburn 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall is one of the most famous companies in the UK. This company provides the best music portable speakers and other sound equipment.

Marshall Kilburn 2 is the best bluetooth speakers in India

Marshall Kilburn 2 is one of the best Bluetooth speakers in India.

Now this time to talk about Marshall Kilburn 2.

Body Design & Quality

This Bluetooth wireless speaker comes with black and grey color. So you can select any color of this.

According to customer review 60% customers select black color. Because of balck color looking so classic and make some extra feeling.

This speaker has durable and roadworthy design. This type of design comes with corner caps and supremely rugged and durable.

The speaker outer body is built with a solid metal grille and the iconic marshall script.

Marshall Kilburn 2 has a water resistant material. So you can use a speaker with some normal rain drops.

Speakers Features

  • This is the loudest indoor as well as outdoor speakers in class. Marshall Kilburn 2 produces a clear midrange, deep bass and extended highs.
  • You can control audio volume and connectivity with the largest number of buttons.

Battery Capacity

  • This speaker comes with upto 20+ hours of portable playtime. The visual battery indicator to check battery status any time and avoid low battery mistek before any trip.

Additional details

  • Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connectivity for connecting speakers with smartphones and other bluetooth enabled devices.
  • You can connect bluetooth at 30 feet range to the speaker. 
  • Multi-host functionality helps to connect to multiple devices at the same time and enjoy playing music by turn.


  • Large and heavy speaker
  • Loudest sound with bass
  • Advance controller button
  • Multi-directional sound
  • 20+ Hours Playtime
  • Bluetooth 5.0 aptX
  • Durable design with corner caps
  • Multi-host functionality
  • 1 Year Warranty

8. JBL Tuner Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Tuner is one of the fastest selling JBL bluetooth portable speakers. This speaker is present in this list because of new features.

JBL Tuner best bluetooth speakers india

So, now explore some catchy features.

Body Design & Quality

This speaker looks like a square rounded water bottle. JBL Tuner built with Metallica material.

This speaker comes with the strongest band and rubber stand.

The JBL Tuner has a backlit LCD display to view the details of various radio stations quite conveniently.

This speaker also comes with five buttons and FM Digital Tuner. You can manage FM stations by using this button.

The overall build quality and body material is premium and excellent so you can buy this wireless bluetooth speaker for personal use.

Speakers Features

  • The JBL music equipment does not compromise with sound quality. JBL Tuner has a JBL Signature Sound.
  • So this speaker delivers advanced sound rhythm and deep bass.
  • The frequency response is 85Hz - 20kHz in JBL Tuner wireless bluetooth speaker. 

Battery Capacity

  • It has a 2000mah lithium ion polymer battery to play music for 8 hours with a single charge. This type of battery takes 3.5 hours to charge.
  • So you can charge your speaker in 3.5 hours and use nonstop upto 8 hours. That's a big deal.

Additional details

  • This bluetooth speaker has a silver FM antenna to catch the best signal for FM stations. 
  • The JBL Tuner provides an AUX port for connecting speakers without bluetooth connection. And data cable port of charge speaker.
  • A 4.1 bluetooth connectivity helps to connect speakers with any bluetooth supported device.


  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Body built with Metallica material
  • FM Digital Tuner & Five Buttons
  • 4.1 wireless bluetooth connectivity
  • Backlit LCD display
  • AUX port
  • 8 hours battery life
  • 1 Year warranty by the JBL

9. pTron Sonor Mini Speaker

pTron trying to build mini wireless bluetooth speakers like google nest mini and amazon echo.

pTron Sonor

This pTron Sonor speaker is a mini indoor speaker. 

You can use this speaker for outdoor activities. But not recommended because of the lack of loud volume quality.

Body Design & Quality

pTron Sonor is a complete round speaker with metallic finishing. This speaker is available in three different colors like black, gold, and silver.

This is the small and lightweight wireless bluetooth speaker. So you can keep anywear in another place. 

The speaker comes with 3.5mm tall and 8.5mm wide size. 

pTron offers a touch screen button over the speaker for control song with your fingertips. You can also manage song volume here.

Speakers Features

  • The speaker maximum output power is 3 watt. With the 40mm drivers this mini bluetooth speaker delivers crystal clear sound.
  • This speaker gives a powerful volume when used indoors. But if you use it for outdoor places then the speaker will not deliver sufficient volume.

Battery Capacity

  • The pTron Sonor comes with in-built and rechargeable 850mah lithium polymer battery. This battery works for 4 hours with a single charge.
  • You can charge this speaker by using your power bank. Because power bank voltage is enough to charge this type of mini speaker.

Additional details

  • pTron Sonor bluetooth speaker comes with an in-built microphone to manage hands free calls.
  • With bluetooth v4.2 connected speakers with your device within 10m or 33 feet of area.
  • You can connect this speaker with your smartphone, laptop, and smart TV by using bluetooth connection.


  • Small and lightweight speaker
  • Manage hands free calls
  • Touch screen button
  • Bluetooth v4.2
  • Best for indoor use
  • Clear sound performance
  • AUX port
  • 850mah lithium polymer battery
  • 1 year warranty period 

10. Harman Kardon Go Plus Play Speaker

Harman Kardon makes many types of wireless portable speakers. This is the best bluetooth outdoor as well as indoor speaker in India.

Harman Kardon Go Plus Play best bluetooth speakers in india

Let's check some interesting information about Harman Kardon Go plus play bluetooth speakers.

Body Design & Quality

The Harman Kardon Go plus play looks like a mini suitcase bag. For carrying anywear the classic belt available in this speaker.

This speaker has a stainless steel handle.

The excellent fabric finishing makes the product look more pretty. The black speaker color and silver color handle looks perfect.

Harman Kardon Go plus play built with strongest materials. So you don't worry about cracking the speaker body with normal dumping.

Speakers Features 

  • The frequency response is 50Hz - 20kHz in the Harman Kardon Go plus play speaker. 19v and 3A power supply in this speaker.
  • The sound quality is brilliant and very clear. You can listen to music at the loudest volume. The 2x woofer system helps to create perfect bass.

Battery Capacity

  • The Harman Kardon Go plus play comes with a lithium polymer battery. The battery helps to listen to songs for 8 hours with a single charge.

Additional details

  • It has a dual microphone conference system. With the microphone you can manage calls any time with the use of a speaker.
  • The protected AUX port, charging port and other management button.
  • This bluetooth wireless speaker also supported bluetooth streaming.


  • Stainless steel handle for carry speaker
  • Wireless bluetooth streaming
  • Dual microphone conferencing system
  • Out of the box design
  • 8 hours battery life
  • 2x woofer 
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty


Which is the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use?

The Marshall Kilburn 2 is the latest Bluetooth portable speaker for outdoor use. This speaker delivers the loudest sound during the mini party.

Why do people use the Bluetooth speaker?

The smartphone doesn't deliver loud volume and home theater is not easy to set up. So people choose the Bluetooth speaker for listening to music.

You can check budget wise article :

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