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DSLRs are all the rage in this day and age of photography with high-quality pictures being a must for Instagram influencers to shooting Facebook tutorials and YouTube vlogs.

Whether you buy a new camera or use a second-hand camera, it is important to know the kind of pictures you want and for what purpose.

Choosing the right camera of the right brand with the right features that you want becomes imperative and also influences the price of the camera a lot. To help you out with the confusing range of brands we bring to you this article.

Top 13 Best Camera brands in india

In this article, we shall look at the top brands for DSLR cameras and what are the special features of each brand. The list of the brands is as follows:


Without this brand’s name, the camera industry is incomplete. Canon is the most popular brand there is when it comes to literally any type of camera, especially DSLRs. Functioning since 1937, Canon makes a vast range of mirrorless as well as compact cameras of great quality and excellent features.

Canon makes cameras for every purpose and budget and the cameras’ lenses are available by third-party shoppers as well.


If you have ever been shopping for cameras, chances are you have already heard the brand Nikon’s name somewhere or the other.

Nikon makes professional-level DSLRs as well as DSLRs for beginners and entry-level photographers.

This flexible brand has also, like Canon, stayed in business for a very long time since 1917. The user experience has not changed much over the years though.


In the electronics industry, Sony really dominates the game, manufacturing a range of electronics like cameras, PlayStations, and much more. Sony products are always all the rage with the brand manufacturing top-quality mirrorless cameras.

Sony cameras are considered industry-level cameras which are made of premium quality material with high durability.


Fujifilm is a great company for retro period lovers. This brand manufactures film for old cameras and other vintage cameras.

But this is not the only thing Fujifilm is capable of. T also manufactures high-quality modern cameras and accessories with a brilliant level of diversity. From the high end to the medium front, you can find it all within this company!


Started in Japan, Panasonic has earned quite a reputation in the gadget industry, manufacturing a range of products for its diverse buyers. From digital to cinema-level quality cameras, Panasonic excels at all products.

Applauded and praised for their high video shooting features, Panasonic cameras rule the mainstream market for their outstanding features.


Founded in Japan in 1919, Olympus is a brand known for manufacturing aesthetic, compact lenses which have made them super popular.

They make DSLRs that work and look like traditional DSLRs and are very retro-inspired, especially the ones from the PEN and OMD series.

Not a very well-known brand, Olympus does manage to deliver good quality cameras in the markets and is genuinely high in capabilities and style.


Founded in Germany in the early 1900s, Leica has become recently popular among the masses. With world-class optics, Leica cameras are not exactly affordable but the features, style, and capabilities remain unmatched.

It is for this reason these cameras are worth every single penny you spend on them. Exceptional image output and build engineering are other factors why you should definitely consider Leica cameras for your first-time buys!


Manufacturing cameras suitable for people on the go and travelers, GoPro has gained exceptional success in recent times due to the vlog culture. This type of camera shoots 4K action videos and is super compact and stylish.

With YouTube and Facebook vlogs helping people go viral and letting the influencers stay in business, GoPro cameras have become the need of the hour. These cameras are weatherproof and perfect for the outdoors and activity-obsessed people.


Popular in the 1950s for producing the first SLR cameras, in recent times, the brand Pentax has also started manufacturing DSLR cameras with medium-range to high-end cameras.

Although Pentax is not as well known as Nikon, Canon, or Sony cameras, they are super reliable and highly recommended for photographers of various levels.


Probably the oldest company out there in the game, Kodak dates way back to 1888 in New York. Kodak dominated the markets for a very, very long time with their innovative technology and other impressive features.

It manufactures both cinematic apparatus as well as DSLR range cameras which are of superior quality.


Polaroids have a very niche audience and dominated the markets for a fair amount of time. This company was, however, not the first company to come up with the idea of a Polaroid camera.

Struggling in the digital age, Polaroid went under and still remains popular but only among some groups and fails to retain its popularity.


Founded in Japan in 1939, Ricoh is a brand that has, over the years, developed several successful compact film and digital cameras and various imaging equipment for professional work.

This brand’s cameras are the most sought-after for street photography and its DSLRs come with impressive wide-angle lenses.


Founded in Sweden in 1841, this company is another old player in the game with futuristic design and superior camera quality even for that time. One of its cameras can deliver up to a whopping 400 MP image quality.

Now that you have an idea of the top few brands in the camera industry, you can decide which one suits you and your purpose the most.

We hope this article was helpful to you and gave you a few features to think about before you go shopping!

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