Best Laptops Under 35000

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Buying a perfect laptop is not to easy. So make this job simple, we have compiled a list of the best laptops under 35000 rupees.

One can look out for while choosing their ideal product as well as a comprehensive guide to help you understand the things to keep in mind while buying a laptop.  

The laptops mentioned have become popular among the masses and have been recommended by many platforms due to their efficiency and performance.  

After all, when one sets out to spend hard earned money on a gadget, one expects to buy the cheapest and best product only.

So, here we bring to you a list of the top 5 best laptops in India under 35,000 rupees that one can definitely go buy online or from stores for various activities and needs.

Top 5 Best Laptops Under 35000 Rupees

Best Budget Laptop

Best Lightweight Laptop

Best For Normal Gaming

Top Thin Laptop

Best For Blogger

1. ASUS VivoBook 15 Laptop

Best Laptop under 35000
  • Intel i3 10th Gen 1005G1
  • 15.6" Display
  • 8 GB RAM

Laptop Design:

This portable and compact laptop is one of the best laptops under 35000 rupees and is available in two colors – slate grey and transparent silver – to suit the buyer’s style.

The ASUS VivoBook 15 comes in an advanced ergonomic design with a thin bezel giving it a stylish yet sleek look and also making it super lightweight so that it can be carried with you anywhere (only 1.80 kg).  

This quality of the laptop makes it heavily durable and perfect for workplaces.

Display quality:

ASUS VivoBook 15 Core i3 10th Gen Laptop comes with a 15.6-inch display with a screen ratio of 16:9. It's a NanoEdge display. Intel Integrated Ultra HD graphics and a matte anti-glare panel coating provide you with an immersive and safe visual experience.

This cool and easy-to-carry laptop comes with a full-size Chiclet keyboard that has 1.4 mm key travel.

Processor and Performance:

ASUS VivoBook 15 Core i3 10th Gen Laptop comes with a 10th generation Intel Core i3 1005G1 processor with 4 MB Cache, 2 cores, 4 Threads, and 8 GB RAM which is expandable up to 16 GB.

All these features make this laptop a best buy if you are looking for good performance and efficiency.

Battery capacity:

With two lithium ion powerful batteries, this laptop comes with 45 W Hrs and features a triple lifespan as compared to standard lithium-ion batteries.

ASUS VivoBook 15 Core i3 10th Gen Laptop is equipped with fast-charge technology and can charge fully in about just an hour. With this product, running out of charge is not a worry at all.

Additional Features:

The ASUS VivoBook 15 comes with a pre-loaded Windows 11 Home operating system with lifetime validity. A professional-grade codec ensures precise audio encoding and decoding. 

For a great audio experience, the laptop also features amplifiers, large speakers, and resonance chambers. So that the users do not miss out on deep bass effects and the perfect audio while blasting their favorite music, video calling their friends, or going about a presentation at work. 

These powerful speakers also filter out extra noise for an enhanced experience without any disturbances.


  • Crystal clear, rich audio, and superior speakers
  • One-touch login feature on a keypad
  • Fast charging and long-lasting battery life
  • Very fast performance
  • Full high-definition display with vivid graphics
  • Great user interface


  • There is no keyboard backlit
  • USB slots are a bit tight

2. HP 14 Pentium Light Laptop

HP 14 Pentium Gold Thin and Light Laptop
  • Intel Pentium Gold 4417U
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 256GB SSD

Laptop Design

This laptop comes in a cool, sleek design that makes it thin and ultra lightweight to carry around, weighing only 1.47 kg. The entire package consists of a Laptop with included battery and charger. 

The device comes in an advanced design with brushed finish and seamless bar hinge so that you can carry it anywhere and anytime without any worries. The product has 2 USB ports and does not have a CD or DVD drive.

Display quality

This cool HP Pentium Gold laptop comes with a display of 14 inches with high definition image quality and brightness (220 nits).

The screen has a WLED display with a detail of a whopping one million pixels to provide you with sharp, vivid and the best quality graphics.

Processor and Performance

This device comes with the Intel Pentium Gold 4417U Processor (2.3 GHz base processor speed) and Solid State Drive storage. So that it can provide you with functions of lightning speed. The laptop is also equipped with 2 MB SmartCache and 2 cores.

Battery capacity

The laptop has an average battery life of up to 7 hours and is powered by a long-lasting 3 cell 41 WH lithium ion battery which charges super fast due to the HP Fast Charge technology.

Additional Features

This HP laptop comes with a pre-loaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity along with a 4 GB DDR4 RAM (1 x 4) which is upgradable to 16 GB, a storage capacity of 256 GB and pre-installed Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019 software.

With powerful dual speakers, this laptop provides the user with rich and super clear audio in addition to seamless connectivity provided by a high speed Wi-Fi and an advanced version of Bluetooth.


  • Ultra lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Boots in seconds
  • High speed processing
  • No heating issues
  • Cost effective


  • Does not come with a CD
  • Average battery life

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3 10th Gen Laptop

Best Laptop under 35000
  • Intel i3 10th Gen
  • 15.6" Full HD Display
  • 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD

Laptop Design

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3 10th Gen Laptop comes in a thin and light body design made out of high-quality material with a 180-degree hinge, weighing around 1.7 kg.

The product package includes a laptop, a charger, and a user manual. Its great features and ergonomic design put it in the category of the top laptop under 35000 rupees.

Display quality

With an outstanding display of 15.6 inches, the screen is capable of displaying full high-definition visuals with advanced anti-glare technology to minimize the strain on the user’s eyes.

A narrow bezel on both sides of the laptop gives it a clean design and a larger display provides the user with more viewing area and less clutter. This laptop can display more than a million pixels, providing the user with an elevated visual experience.

Processor and Performance

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3 10th Gen Laptop comes with Intel 10th gen Core i3-10110U processor, 2.1 GHz base speed, 2 cores, 4 Threads, and 4 MB Cache. It can provide the user with a processing speed of up to 4.1 GHz, making it super fast as well as efficient.

Battery capacity

This laptop features an average Battery Life of Up to 8 hours as per MobileMark on normal usage and up to 4 to 5.5 hours when used while gaming and heavy multitasking. This is made possible due to its powerful lithium polymer batteries.

Additional Features

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Core i3 10th Gen Laptop is equipped with a Preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity and a Memory and Storage of 8 GB RAM.

With a combination of 2X2 AC WiFi and the 5.0 version of advanced Bluetooth connectivity, the user can keep this laptop connected to the internet or some other device seamlessly and without any hassles while also experiencing faster browsing speeds.

This device also comes with 1.5 W dual speakers and Dolby Audio to deliver the best quality audio while watching videos, streaming music, or video-calling.

In addition to all these cool features, this laptop also houses Cortana, a personal digital assistant who can set reminders, open up apps, multitask and do lots more, all at the user’s command.


  • Crystal clear, vivid display
  • Fast processing
  • Lightweight, portable and very convenient body design
  • Value for money
  • No heating issues and great ventilation
  • Superior speakers
  • Great night vision


  • Not suitable for advanced gaming
  • Low Storage

4. Lenovo V15 Thin Laptop

Best laptops under Rs.35000
  • Intel I3-8130U 2.20 Ghz
  • 15.6" Anti-Glare Display
  • 4GB RAM & 1TB HDD

Laptop Design

The Lenovo V15 is a Commercial Grade Durable Laptop which comes with a Spill Resistant Keyboard for great durability.

It features 180 degree Metal Alloy Hinges that have been certified after being tested for 30000 cycles. With a weight of only 1.85 kg, this laptop’s contemporary design gives it a hi-fi look and feel while also being sturdy enough to handle any outdoor conditions.

The laptop has been tested for reliability and durability in eight extreme conditions including shock, vibration, fan reliability and temperature and pressure tests and has passed them all, making it one of the best laptops in India under 35,000 rupees so that it can provide unstoppable performance to the user anywhere and everywhere.

Display quality

This laptop comes with a display screen of 15.6 inches (1366 x 768) that is capable of displaying high definition images and graphics for an enhanced visual experience. Along with this, the laptop also comes with the advanced Anti Glare technology.

Processor and Performance

The laptop uses the Intel I3-8130U processor with a base speed of 2.20 Ghz, max speed of 3.40 Ghz, 2 Cores and 4 MB smart cache.

Battery capacity

The Lenovo V15 comes with a battery life of up to 5.5 hr as per MobileMark in the year 2014 due to its powerful lithium ion batteries.

Additional Features

The Lenovo V15 is equipped with preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity.

It comes with the connectivity of 802.11 ac 1 x 1 Wi-Fi and the advanced and reliable Bluetooth version 4.2 in addition to the superior Dolby Audio support for crystal clear audio for when you feel like blasting your music or video calling someone.

The laptop also keeps all your work secure by encrypting data and passwords and is perfect for work conditions, therefore making it one of the best laptops in India under 35,000 rupees.


  • Spill resistant keyboard
  • Easy to carry and highly durable body design
  • Value for money
  • Can work efficiently in any condition
  • No heating issues


  • Average screen resolution as compared to competitors in the market
  • Poor camera resolution

5. Dell Inspiron 3585 FHD Laptop

Top laptop in india under 35K
  • AMD Ryzen R5-2500U
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB Hard drive

Laptop Design

Dell Inspiron 3585 has 2.2kg weight and comes in black color with an all-plastic case.The overall build of this device is relatively thin and it is also covered in a honeycomb structure at the top and on the palm rests, making it perfect for office use. 

Display quality

This laptop comes with a 15.6 inch LCD screen and is based on AMD’s Ryzen 5 2500U with integrated graphics. The current Inspiron 15 3585 comes with Vega 3 Graphics for vivid display and a great visual experience.

Processor and Performance

This device features a AMD Ryzen R5-2500U processor. It comes with a processor speed of 2 GHz.

Battery capacity

This laptop comes with a battery that can provide up to 4 to 5 hours battery life, using the powerful AAA lithium ion batteries. However, if used for heavy gaming or multiple applications, the battery might completely drain out in 2 to 3 hours.

Additional Features

The current Inspiron 15 3585  comes with 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive and is equipped with preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity.

The laptop is super efficient since it has a clock speed of 1100MHz and a total of eight graphics cores. It does not come with a fingerprint sensor as compared to other models in its price range.

The device does not use any GPUs and is not suitable for projects and entertainment for long periods of time. Inspiron 15 3585 comes with massive thermal throttling to control temperatures and avoid overheating of the device.


  • Suitable for office use
  • Good battery performance when used for light tasks
  • Balanced audio system
  • Device is pocket friendly


  • Is a little bulky to carry around
  • Not suitable for heavy gaming activities

Along with the list, we have also provided you with a comprehensive and intensive buying guide that will surely help you choose your ideal product within your required price range.

The Best laptop under Rs.35000 Buying Guide

We bring to you a comprehensive buying guide to help you buy the best laptop under 35,000 rupees without getting overwhelmed by the large number of products available in markets and online.

A price like 35,000 rupees is more than enough to buy a decent laptop suitable for workplace or entertainment purposes or both.

However, buying one that can support heavy gaming or long periods of multitasking can be difficult in such a price range. So, the things to keep in mind are as follows.

1. The Processor

Placed in the CPU of a computer, the processor plays an integral task in carrying out functions of a computer. The more advanced a processor, the more the speed of your computer’s performance.

At a budget of 35,000 rupees, Intel’s 8th Gen processors are available in very few laptops so one can stick to the 7th Gen Core i5 and Core i3 chipsets which are also pocket friendly.

For people who are heavy users, Intel Core i5 processors are recommended.

2. RAM and Storage

Most laptops these days come with 4 GB RAM which is also expandable. For people who are heavy users, laptops with 8 GB RAM and expandable slots are recommended.

Additional RAM will not make your laptop faster but will allow you to multitask more easily. Also, look out for a higher level of cache memory which will also determine your laptop’s processing speed.

3. Graphics Card

A Graphics Card is the hardware that laptops use to produce whatever we see on the computer screen by rendering an image on the monitor.

A dedicated graphics card or high end graphics cards are tough to get in this price range so you will have to stick with whatever the laptop provides. However, the card can allow you to do heavy tasks with low settings.

4. Display

This is a very important aspect of computing and you can get fairly good displays in the best laptops under 35,000 rupees. Go for LCD displays, or better yet, LED screens.

Also, keep the viewing angle in mind that the laptop provides because a bad viewing angle can ruin your computing experience even if the laptop comes with a great quality of display.

5. The Keyboard and Touchpad

These parts of your laptop are one of the most important when it comes to operating the laptop. Generally, keyboards with backlit are preferred as they are more convenient to use when it’s dark.

The keyboard’s keys should be smooth and comfortable to use without getting stuck while typing. The touchpad should be sensitive and easy to use with the cursor.

6. Body Design and Build

Along with a stylish design what also makes some laptops the best laptops in India under 35,000 rupees is their durability and build quality. A laptop should be flexible as well as sturdy and not easily scratchable or breakable.

Read reviews online and look for the finishing on the product yourself before buying a laptop and look for bodies having metal and plastic both, instead of only plastic.

7. Speakers and Audio

Before buying a laptop, play something on it to get an idea of the audio quality. Go for laptops that provide deep bass speakers and crystal clear audio.

For a greater understanding of the specifications of the quality of audio it can play, visit the laptop’s site and check the details provided by the manufacturer.

Play your songs on the laptop so that you can judge the audio quality and do not trust reviews on e-commerce sites.

8. Weight

Weights are very important when it comes to laptops since laptops are meant to be carried around and the lighter a laptop is, the better it is since it will be able to provide more mobility and portability.

Laptops which weigh less than 2 kilograms are the best and highly convenient to carry around. What also needs to be kept in mind is a compact design. So that the laptop can be slipped into a backpack when the user is on the go.

9. Battery Life and Performance

Another significant thing to keep in mind is the battery and performance of a laptop. With a budget of 35,000, there are few laptops that give a superior battery life and the maximum battery life that can be provided in this price range is 4 hours under optimal conditions.

Go for laptops that come with the highest hours of battery life because the actual battery life will be around 3-4 hours lesser than the mentioned standby time.

Laptops are an essential part of our lives these days in the age of technology when we are so very dependent on computers to get a lot of our work done.

What makes laptops even more convenient for workplaces and entertainment purposes is that they can be carried anywhere without much hassles and come at a wide range of price to suit the buyers.

It is thus very essential that we are able to choose the right one for us within our budget that meets all our needs in the cheapest and best possible way as an uninformed purchase can make you regret for a long period of time.

One must keep all the aforementioned things in mind before buying a laptop and also buy them from trusted outlets exclusively so that one gets the genuine product only.

It is also important to know the various specifications of the laptops available in the desired price range so that one can get the best product in that price range.

If You want to check Laptops under diffrent budgets then please visit below article :

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