10 Best Soundbar Under 5000 Budget In India

Soundbars become important when it comes to television sets, PCs, and other devices to enhance your audiovisual experience. To help you find one in the sea of products, we bring to you a list of the 10 best soundbar under 5000 rupees.

These devices top charts in India and have become very popular since they have been launched. These products not only have great features but are also available very easily across India. We bring to you a detailed analysis of these soundbars and also answer some FAQs.

1. boAt AAVANTE Bar 1250

boAt Soundbar under 5000 budget
  • Master remote control device
  • 40 W R.M.S premium audio
  • 2.1 Channel

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

This exquisitely styled soundbar comes with a premium body finish that effortlessly adds to the beauty of your home décor and provides you with an amazing as well as an immersive auditory experience.

Available in the color glossy black, this device has its dimensions as 86 x 7.8 x 7 cm and weighs around 4.3 Kilograms. This is the best boAt soundbar under 5000 rupees in India.

Sound Quality

This boAt AAVANTE soundbar comes with a 2.1 Channel that provides you with an immersive and captivating sound straight from an alternate dimension. With an ethereal sound quality, add colour to your listening experience along with your viewing experience whenever, wherever.

Equipped with the boAt Signature sound, this soundbar comes with the 40 W R.M.S premium audio delivered by Aavante Bar 1250 and supports its advanced 40 W Wired Subwoofers for a deep bass for bass heads.

The soundbar is apt for any mode of listening and can suit multiple forms of your entertainment be it news, movies, gaming, music or any other activity that may require a true 3D listening experience.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

With the help of the easy to use and tactile master remote control device, you can easily control your playback from the comfort of your couch or any other place. Forget those inconvenient trips that you take to change the channel and adjust the volume with this device!

In terms of connectivity, the device comes with the Bluetooth Version 5.0, an Aux input and a USB input to connect multiple devices and listen to your favourite tunes.


  • Superb built with a classy look
  • Value for money
  • Immersive bass and highs
  • 3D surround sound audio
  • Crisp, clear boAt signature sound support


  • Average remote control

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2. Artis BT-X5 60 Watts

Artis BT Wireless Soundbar
  • 2.1 Channel 3D surround
  • 4 Driver units
  • 2 passive radiators

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

The Artis X5 Soundbar comes with an immersive and cinematic sound quality that is ideal from any space like a small hall and has a room friendly size.

Made of only the best quality of material, this device comes in the color black and its glossy design goes along with almost any home décor. The dimensions of the product are 94 x 6 x 6.5 cm and it weighs around 2.5 Kilograms.

Sound Quality

The device comes with 4 driver units and 2 passive radiators along with a built in amplifier for a truly immersive experience with defined highs, lows, mids and a thumping bass!

Equipped with superior bass as well as clear sound, this stunning soundbar has been designed to enhance your audiovisual experience and immerse you into its functions.

It comes with a 60 W RMS output as well as 3 EQ presets that let you customize your playback. The 3 modes are Music, Movie or Speech. With the additional benefit of 3D surround sound mode, this soundbar gives you a sound experience equivalent to a home theatre.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

The Artis X5 soundbar comes with an advanced Bluetooth version 5.0 wireless connectivity along with a multi function wireless remote control for convenience of use.

The device supports multiple input modes so that you can connect any device and clank up your favourite tunes like the Bluetooth, an Aux in, the HDMI (ARC), a Co Axial, an Optical as well as a USB input for the ideal experience.


  • Perfect size for perfect sound
  • Compact and portable with great build
  • Drivers and radiators support with built in amplifier
  • Wall mount feature to save space
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Value for money


  • Not suitable for very large spaces

3. Molife Amplify100 12W Output

Molife Amplify Wireless Speaker
  • 1800 mAh rechargeable battery
  • LED indicator
  • 12 W of Crystal Clear Sound

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

The Molife soundbar is versatility and efficiency defined with compatibility for Android as well as Apple devices for when you absolutely need to jazz up your listening experience! 

Available in the color ash grey with a cool blue LED indicator for a futuristic look, this device comes with its dimensions as 42.9 x 9.2 x 6.7 cm and weighs around 960 Grams. Molife Amplify 100 top LED soundbar under 5000 budget. 

Sound Quality

Experience home theatre like sound clarity at its best with the Molife 100 Amplify soundbar which is adept at providing you with a fantastic sound experience. Jazz up your listening as well as audiovisual experience with its best sound quality in this range.

Packed with 12 W of crystal clear sound, this device also comes equipped with a dynamic deep bass, that you can feel in your heart. Feel every beat and don’t stop the music with this device that comes with 8 hours of music playback capacity and is powered by a 1800 mAh rechargeable battery.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

This soundbar is super easy to control as it comes with a classic jog dial power as well as a convenient volume control to make play back a cake walk for you from the comfort of your sofa. Control volume with just a simple rotation.

Along with its stunning ergonomic design, you get a cool blue LED indicator. This device comes with a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


  • Ultra lightweight and compact
  • Futuristic blue LED indicator
  • Sound clarity at its best
  • Value for money
  • Physical volume control


  • Announcement volume is too loud

4. V-108 Speaker Bar Computer Speakers

V-108 Computer Soundbar
  • Frequency : 30 Hz – 15 KHz
  • 3D surrounded stereo sound
  • Output Power: 3W

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

A great option for electronics lovers, the V-108 Speaker Bar comes in a compact size with the ultimate space saving features that make its usage more convenient. 

With its scientific design for better sound travel, this device can be placed on the top of your table or settee for the best acoustics.

Available in the color black, this device comes with its dimensions as 34.8 x 12 x 8.5 cm and weighs around 481.8 Grams.

Sound Quality

This device comes with a great sound quality that it is able to maintain without the sound cracking or any distortions even if you crank up the volume to the fullest.

Simply plug and play with this device that comes with a controller on the cable that makes it super easy to adjust the volume.

For power, this device uses a USB / DC 5 V 600 mA and has an output of 3 Watts. The frequency range of this device is from 30 Hz to 15 KHz such that all highs, mids and trebles are audible crystal clear.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

In terms of connectivity, this device comes with multi compatibility. This speaker can work well with any device that has a standard 3.5 mm audio jack and a USB jack like a PC / laptop / smartphone / tablet etc.


  • Ultra lightweight and slim design
  • 3D surrounded stereo sound
  • Dual bass speaker units
  • Sturdy and durable ABS material


  • Not suitable for halls

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5. Instaplay INSTA500BT Soundbar

Instaplay bar Speaker
  • Frequency of 80 hz-20 khz
  • 4 built in drivers
  • 4.0 channel output

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

Available in a matt black exterior with an ergonomic design that matches most interior design, this device comes with its dimensions as 96.01 x 11 x 10.01 cm and weighs around 2.5 Kilograms.

Sound Quality

Get a true cinematic experience with the versatile and effective Instaplay soundbar that comes with an 80 w powerful sound to liven up your home.

Along with its crisp sounds and an integrated 4.0 channel output, experience a home theatre without any hassles!

With the 4 built in drivers (two on each side), add thrill to your listening experience and immerse yourself into movies with the soundbar that comes with a rich heart thumping bass and an engrossing surround sound feature.

This device comes with a frequency range of 80 hz – 20 khz and a signal to noise (db) 72 along with a wall mount feature to occupy as little space as possible.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

This stunning and stylish soundbar comes with 4 special sound equalizer modes for news, music, 3D as well as movie to suit your hearing requirements accordingly.

For connectivity, you get an optical input for a digitally clear and enhanced sound and a 3.5 mm Aux connectivity along with a seamless bluetooth version 5 with wide range connectivity.

The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.


  • Astonishing cinematic experience
  • Advanced and heart thumping bass
  • Super compact and wall mountable
  • 4 special sound equalizer modes


  • Sound may crack a little on high volumes

6. Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Mulo Arena Soundbar
  • 45 W R.M.S output
  • EQ modes
  • 2.1 channel

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

The Mulo Arena soundbar comes in a 2.1 channel slim and compact design that helps you cut the clutter in your house in a stylish way. The product supports both wall mount as well as table top installation options.

Available in the color black, this device comes with its dimensions as 700 x 7.8 x 7 cm and weighs around 5 Kilograms. Mulo Arena 5000 is the best soundbar with sub woofer under 5k

Sound Quality

This cool soundbar comes with multiple EQ modes for convenient listening according to your needs. The modes are as follows – movie, music, news and 3D between which you can easily switch depending on your viewing choice for suitable configurations.

This soundbar comes with an impressive bass effect for 2.1 channel standards and a wired 25 W subwoofer specially designed to deliver the listener with an advanced heart-pumping bass. Enhance your TV watching experience with this special soundbar.

This soundbar is capable of delivering a true 45 W R.M.S output that provides an expansive soundstage. Along with this, the soundbar is also capable of producing a full spectrum audio quality. Make adjustments and customize your sound with the remote that comes with this device to suit your mood.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

In terms of connectivity, this soundbar is equipped with the  Bluetooth version 4.2, an Aux, a USB and comes with an AUX to RCA and an AUX to AUX cable. Connect your soundbar to any device with the help of its wide compatibility and view your media from TVs (LCD/LED/Smart), computers as well as tablets without any hassles.

This product comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturing defects.


  • Wall mounting feature
  • Cinematic experience
  • True RMS 45 W output
  • Powerful bass and crystal clear sound
  • Built in EQ modes for convenience


  • No HDMI arc or optical connection

7. Zebronics Zeb-Juke Bar 5

Zebronics Multimedia speaker
  • 45 watts total power output
  • 5’ subwoofer
  • LED display

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

In a classy all black design, this device comes in a stylish and sleek design that goes with any home décor perfectly.

The dimensions of the subwoofer are 160 x 255 x 270 mm while the soundbar comes with its dimensions as 680 x 62 x 63 mm and weighs around 5.3 Kilograms.

Sound Quality

The device comes with an impressive output power (RMS) with the subwoofer’s being 25 watts and the soundbar being 20 watts so that the total power output is 45 watts.

Along with this, for the perfect listening experience, this device comes with the impedance in the subwoofer as 4 Ω and in the soundbar as 6 Ω. Moreover, with the frequency response being from 35 Hz to 20 kHz, you can listen to your highs, trebles and mids clearly without any hassles.

With the Zebronics Juke Bar 5 soundbar, you can enhance your audio visual experience manifold with a 5 inch subwoofer that comes with it and is capable of providing you with a room shaking bass.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

The soundbar has an LED display that gives it a futuristic look and comes with multi connectivity options like BT / USB / SD / FM / AUX / TV IN along with quad drives and more.

The maximum supported memory size for this device (USB/SD) is around 32 GB so you can easily transfer and save files without having to worry about space issues!


  • Convenience of a remote control
  • Room shaking advanced bass from subwoofer
  • Strong power output
  • Value for money
  • Simplistic yet durable design


  • No HDMI slot available

8. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III

top Soundbar under 5000
  • 2500 mAh lithium ion battery
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2
  • RMS of 10 Watts

Built‌ ‌Quality‌

Available in the color ash grey, this device comes with its dimensions as 46 x 6.5 x 7 cm and weighs around 1.15 Kilograms. This is best soundbar for tv under 5000 rupees.

Sound Quality

PureSound Pro III soundbar is the perfect blend of style and luxury listening at an affordable price point. With its 2 in built 5 watt speakers, the device does a great job at amplifying sound according to your needs.

Along with this, to provide you with crystal clear sound of various ranges without any distortion, the device comes with a frequency range of 180 Hz to 18 KHz and a signal to noise ratio of 75 dB.

Additional‌ ‌Features‌

This cool soundbar comes with a power output (RMS) of 10 W which is average and not very impressive but is good according to the size of the device.

For a seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, this device uses the advanced Bluetooth Version 4.2. This soundbar comes with a wireless range of 10 m.

This impressive device comes with a powerful 2500 mAh lithium ion battery power source that allows more than 7 hours of non stop playback after a single charge so that your favorite tunes just do not stop playing!

Moreover, the device comes with a fast charging time of just 2 hours! This product comes with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase on manufacturing defects.


  • Cost effective
  • 2 powerful in built speakers
  • Very powerful battery with long playback time
  • Sleek and durable design
  • Immersive sound quality


  • Glossy finish can attract dust

9. OUD® 10W Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 

  • Micro SD card reader
  • 10 watt output
  • Surround sound

Built Quality

Available in the color black, this soundbar comes with its dimensions as 20 x 9 x 22.9 cm and weighs around 982 Grams.

Sound quality

This soundbar comes with an amazing and fantastic sound quality powered by two 5 Watt speakers & 2 subwoofers to produce immersive audio for everyone listening.

This OUD soundbar comes with a powerful grill body which provides a great audio spectrum along with different modes that you can switch between while listening. 


This soundbar is a Multi-Functional Wireless device with both Wireless Bluetooth as well as wired playback options. It comes with AUX Cable making it compatible for multiple device connectivity. 

Moreover, this soundbar also comes with a built-in microphone, TF Card and a USB Reader that allows you to play music directly from a flash drive. 

Additional Features

This soundbar is powered by a 1200 mAh lithium Ion battery which provide you with a playtime of more than 4 to 6 hours so that running out of charge is the least of your worries. 

The OUD soundbar comes with control buttons on the top for ease of usability & control. It also has a built-in FM radio function for easy radio playback.


  • Great battery backup
  • Value for money
  • Immersive bass effect
  • Durable and trendy build
  • Surround sound feature


  • Less volume range

10. Samsung T400 2.0 Channel Soundbar 

  • Dolby 2 channel
  • Remote Control
  • Bluetooth Playback

Built Quality

Available in the color black, this soundbar comes with its dimensions as 10.7 x 64.1 x 6.5 cm and weighs around 2.7 Kilograms.

Sound quality

This versatile soundbar uses the latest and advanced Dolby audio and comes with 2 channels to bring to you immersive audio with deep bass.

Moreover, the soundbar also supports a surround sound experience using its surround sound expansion sound mode, giving you a good concert-hall like experience while listening to your favourite tunes.


This soundbar offers wireless music streaming with the help of the latest version of Bluetooth. Along with this, it also comes with USB Music Playback.

Additional Features

The device comes with a Remote Control so that you could control the playback from the comfort of your couch.

This device comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of purchase of the item.


  • Surround sound expansion mode
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cost effective
  • Wide range of connectivity
  • Remote control feature


  • Average bass


Which is the Best Sound Bar for TV under 5000?

In this article, we have talked about a number of soundbars which are the very best in the markets today. You can choose any one of the for our home as it depends on your needs, space, requirements and other factors which you have to first identify and then choose a suitable soundbar.

Which is the Best Sound Bar for Home under 5000?

JBL soundbars are perfect for anyone wanting a deep, immersive sound quality or anyone who is hoping to fill a big room with a small soundbar without burning a hole in their pockets.

The JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam can be your go to solution in such a scenario as it comes with impressive features as well as big sound.

Are soundbars a waste of money?

Buying a soundbar or not is your decision entirely. You could have a TV that gives off enough sound for your room and you might not want a soundbar then.

But, you may have a large room and a small TV which does not give off enough sound. In such a case, investing in a soundbar is definitely not a waste of money.

What is the best and cheapest soundbar?

The JBL Bar Studio soundbar is one of the best and cheapest soundbars in India.

It has a high rating and BJL soundbars are anyways known for their great quality and durability.

Soundbar buying guide

Do I need a subwoofer with my soundbar?

A soundbar does not necessarily need subwoofers. The multiple speakers that soundbars come with do the job well enough but if you more bass and immersive audio which has more depth, you can invest in subwoofers. It would anyway be better than buying an entire soundbar.

Check the difference between Home theatre and Soundbar

Now that you now the best soundbars under 5000 for TV, we hope purchasing the right soundbar for yourself would not be a problem. We also hope that we answered almost all frequently asked questions that come to mind before buying the best soundbars under 5000 for TV. 

These products do not just have high rankings but also come from the best brands and are very reliable. Good luck shopping!

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