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People generally do not have enough information about products like UPS for PCs. By the means of this article, we bring to you a list of the 7 best UPS for PC that you can find in the market and are affordable. These products rate very high on websites and are also very reliable.

Along with the list, we also provide you with a comprehensive guide as to what to look out for while buying the UPS. So let us get started with the list.

1. APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA UPS System

APC Back-Power Supply BX600C-IN 600VA
  • Intelligent battery management
  • Wide input voltage range
  • 360 Watts / 600 VA

Build quality

The APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA comes in a convenient and compact design line which makes the product an interactive UPS. The device comes with a load capacity of 360 Watts / 600 VA and is generator compatible.

This cool gadget comes in a great body build which is black in color with a glossy front that gives it an elegant look overall.

Battery backup

The three battery backed up and surge protected product comes with 6 A 2/3 Pin Output Indian Power Socket and can provide up to 30 min of power backup for 1 PC and 1 electronic device all together.

However it is important to note that the backup time is subject to load, room temperature, battery life, and hence the performance and results can vary from user to user.

Its intelligent battery management maximizes the battery performance and increases the reliability and durability of the product as well as the devices connected to it.

Main features

This product makes charging and security very convenient for users by giving a battery failure notification as well as an early warning fault analysis on the batteries.

This feature not only makes working efficient but also gives the user time to go for timely maintenance. The feature ensures an intelligent battery management.


  • Generator compatibility
  • Value for money
  • Periodic battery self test option
  • Maximized battery performance
  • Great body design
  • Battery failure notification
  • Intelligent battery management


  • Average battery backup 

2. APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN 1100VA UPS System

APC Back-Power Supply BX1100C-IN UPS System
  • Five 6A, Indian Power Socket
  • 2x 7.2 Ah Battery
  • 660 Watts / 1100 VA

Build quality

This cool UPS comes in a compact design line which is interactive and has a load capacity of 660 Watts / 1100 VA. This device is generator compatible and very convenient to use as well.

Battery backup

The APC Back-UPS BX1100C-IN uses 2 x 7.2 Ah Battery that is equipped with providing the user somewhere around 30 to 90 min. of backup time as per the load on the device. With this gadget, electricity failures or voltage fluctuations is not something that you have to worry about!

This UPS is compatible with low power loads as well such as a Wi-Fi router or even a DSL modem which makes it highly versatile and a good option if you are looking for a flexible device.

With its cold start capability, this UPS allows the load to power on just one battery.

Main features

This UPS does a great job in protecting your hardware and data during power outages, surges, and spikes and can thus match your endurance pretty well.

The device comes with five 6A, 2/3 pin Indian power sockets out of which 4 are battery backed-up as well as surge protected and 1 is surge only protected outlet.

Along with these features, this device also comes with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with a wide input voltage range of around 145 V to 290 V.


  • Superior battery backup
  • Great build
  • Generator compatible
  • Value for money
  • Compatible with low power
  • Compact design line


  • Have to disable battery saver to get more backup

3. Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA UPS

Microtek Tuff Power Pro+ 650VA
  • Cold start function
  • Off Mode Charging
  • 650 VA / 360 W

Build quality

The model of this product is UPS TP PRO 650+ and it comes with an overload, discharge and even over charge protections for your devices that you connect to it at any time.

Connect this device to your PC and you are good to go for the day. The product comes in black color with a metallic body and finish.

Battery backup

This cool UPS comes with a capacity of 650 VA / 360 W and can offer a long battery life. Along with this, it also comes with a transfer time of typically around 4 to 8 ms which is pretty fast.

Equipped with a sealed maintenance free battery type, it also comes with a convenient off mode charging function which can do wonders for your device. It uses the modified sine wave (waveform) as the battery mode.

Main features

This UPS has a frequency of about 50 Hz ± and comes with an auto restart function which can be used while the AC is recovering. It provides the user with great overload, discharge as well as over charge protections and has a wide input range.

Its excellent micro processor ensures high reliability and great voltage stabilization. Along with all these features, the device also comes with a cold start function.

This model uses boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization.


  • Great battery backup
  • Off mode charging facilities
  • Good battery backup
  • Cold start function


  • Average body design
  • Irreplaceable batteries

4. Artis PS-1000Eco Line Interactive UPS for PC

Best UPS for PC Use
  • Micro-controller
  • Auto restart
  • Cold start

Build quality

The Artis PS-1000Eco 1000 VA comes in the color black and has a classy, sturdy and stable body design that gives it increased durability and helps it serve you longer and better. The dimensions of the product are 32 x 13 x 18.2 cm and it weighs around 6 kilograms.

Battery backup

The product uses 2 heavy duty 7 ah batteries and comes with 3 output sockets and can thus easily connect to up to 3 devices. The batteries can fully charge in about 4 hours so that you do not run out of charge.

This Artis PS-1000Eco 1000 VA comes with a maximum backup of up to 60 minutes depending on the load or number of devices connected to it. However, the maximum backup when connected to PC, monitor and router is somewhere around 30 to 40 min.

This cool device comes with a super fast transfer time of just 2 to 4 milliseconds!

Main features

This UPS is generator compatible and comes with a wide input range of 140 to 300 V. Along with this, this device also features a cold start function as well as AVR which can easily voltage automatically.

The UPS’ 1000 VA capacity enables a non laser printer support and it also comes with an auto restart and cold start capability feature helps start the PC directly with the UPS when you run out of power or power supply is unavailable.


  • Generator compatible
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Auto restart and cold start
  • Quick transfer time
  • Comes with a reliable micro controller


  • Average body design

5. Zebronics 600 va UPS-U725 for Desktop/Computers

Best Zebronics UPS for PC use
  • 600 A capacity
  • Audible alarm
  • Double boost

Build quality

This cool Zebronics UPS-U725 is specially designed for your computers and comes in a classy black and red color with white patterns on top of it. The dimensions of this product are 32.4 x 14 x 22 cm and the product weighs around 4.7 kg.

Battery backup

This UPS uses a 12V 7Ah Battery Type and comes with a recharge time of somewhere around 4 to 6 hours to charge 90%.

Once fully charged, the battery can provide you with a life of around 1.45 hours.

Main features

The Zebronics UPS-U725 is a line interactive UPS and comes with an auto restart feature that works pretty well while AC is recovering. Additionally, the device also comes with a double boost feature as well as the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR).

This UPS has a wide input range so that you can connect the device you want easily and without any hassles. This UPS also comes with a sleep mode charging to save energy and is micro controller based.

The product is generator compatible, making it very convenient for usage during power outages and it protects your device from overloading, short circuiting and discharging.

With its LED indicators it becomes very easy to monitor the different modes of the UPS and regulate it. It comes with a transfer time of around 4 to 8 milliseconds.

With a capacity of 600 VA, this UPS regulates the output voltage according to the input voltage.


  • Great body design
  • Comes with a wide input range
  • Generator compatible
  • Comes with an LED indicator and alarm warnings
  • Auto restart feature


  • Device is a little bulky
  • Average battery performance

6. Microtek 1000VA UPS

Top UPS for pc
  • 230V VA + 9% Output Voltage
  • Noise filter
  • Fuse protection

Build quality

With the Microtek 1000VA UPS you can now easily look after your computer and other devices and protect them from voltage fluctuations, short circuits and other electrical threats.

Made from the best quality material, this product comes with a high performance as well as durability. The dimensions of the product are 34 x 13 x 19.5 cm and it weighs somewhere around 13 kg.

Battery backup

This device’s batteries come protected by an in-built electronic protection circuit which does not let the batteries to overcharge or lose all charge. The load and short circuit protection prevents circuit damage.

This product comes with a recharging time of somewhere around 2 to 8 hours which is quick and efficient.

Main features

This UPS lasts around 40 to 50 min for a single PC and deals with overload and well as short circuit issues by providing a backup mode and automatically deactivating the power connection of your system.

This UPS provides you with over voltage protection and comes with an extended input voltage range of 135 to 300 V. It also boosts system function for low input.

The Microtek 1000VA UPS is highly durable and can work just fine and provide you with its best performance even in unfavorable conditions like weather conditions which have 0 to 90% humidity level or temperatures that range from 0 to 48 degree Celsius.


  • Boosts function for low output
  • Quick and efficient recharge time
  • Comes with fuse protection
  • Has a noise filter
  • Great build
  • Batteries are protected


  • Takes quite some time to charge fully

7. Foxin FPS-755 360W Uninterrupted Power Supply

Foxin FPS-755 360W Power Supply
  • Auto restart/auto charge
  • Sleep mode charging
  • Audible alarm

Build quality

The Foxin FPS-755 comes in a cool design with an LED indicator. The dimensions of this product are 32.6 x 23.4 x 14.4 cm and the product weighs around 4.19 kilograms.

The LED indicator provides you with easy-to-read status of the unit and utility power conditions. For example the AC mode is shown by a green light and the battery mode is shown by the green light flashing.

Battery backup

The Foxin FPS-755 comes equipped with a 360 w battery that features fast battery charging capacity in a short period of time. It generally takes up to 4 to 6 hours to charge fully.

Main features

This product features sleep mode charging and is generator compatible. Moreover, it also comes with auto-restart/auto charge function, a cold start function, LED lighting and audible alarms.

All these features give the user the much needed time to save precious data in the system when there is a power outage. This prevents files from getting erased, damaged and also gives the user to save the changes in time.

The automatic voltage protection for boost and buck AVR function manages its voltage and prevents it from getting too low or too high for the system without really using the battery.

Generator compatibility is another plus point of this product to ensure that you do not run out of power. It even provides you with notifications and warnings about the utility power and the UPS’ power condition.


  • 3 power outputs
  • Automatic voltage protection
  • Compatible with generators
  • Comes with a range of power outputs and plug in types
  • High warranty of 2 years


  •  Not very fast charging

Buying Guide To Purchase Best UPS for PC

It is well established that one needs to be well informed before buying a UPS for their device. So here is a comprehensive guide for buyers to know what to keep in mind before making a purchase. 

Use wise

One must figure out beforehand the purpose of the UPS that they are buying. It can range from being suitable for domestic use to industrial use.

If you go for domestic use, you need a low voltage UPS which will also ultimately cost you less. The opposite is true for professional usage in terms of price point as well as voltage.

Professional UPS would be well equipped to carry more load and match more endurance than domestic ones. It will be more efficient and heavy duty.


Price depends on the kind of features you look for in your UPS as well as the function that it has to serve. As mentioned above, a professional UPS would cost more than a domestic one since it is more heavy duty.

In terms of features, you need to be aware of the number of outlets that a UPS has, its power requirements and usage. If your UPS has more features like battery disconnection notification or alarm and LED light warnings, it will cost more.

Features like a quick charging and transfer time will only add to the price. But you can get a decent UPS for 2500 rupees to 3500 rupees.


Next up on the list is the battery capacity of your UPS. A good UPS for any sort of usage would be one that has 700VA or more when you have more devices. However, even 600VA would be sufficient for a single PC.

You definitely need to know the total wattage of all your devices that you are going to use before buying a UPS. You can get more information on the capacity directly from retailers and manufacturers. 

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