Difference between gaming and normal headphones

With headphones getting popular day by day, it gets important to know the kind of headphones you need along with the purpose you need them for before you set out to buy a pair.

In this section, we will tell you about the different kinds of headphones available and the difference between gaming headphones and normal consumer headphones. We will also let you know how the two headphones are different from each other in terms of specifications.

Basically, there are three kinds of headphones – gaming headphones (for gaming), normal headphones (consumer headphones for everyday use), and studio headphones (for recording and professional work). Which one you want depends on the user and the purpose of the headphones.

Gaming headphones

There are two variants even in gaming headphones – the ones using real surrounding sound and those that use virtual surrounding sound.

Real surround sound uses hardware and drivers on both sides of the headphones to give you a surround sound feature with different channels. The drivers coordinate to provide you the surround sound effect like in 8D audios.

Virtual surround sound, on the other hand, is created by software that can be either in the headphones or the user’s computer such that the user gets to experience surround sound.

Gaming headphones, additionally, come with microphones and extra comfort so they can be worn for longer periods of time with excellent sound quality.

Every feature of a gaming headphone in terms of sound is superior to consumer headphones and made specially to enhance your gaming experience.

Some cons of gaming headphones may be –

  • Uncontrolled treble
  • Massive bass that isn’t good for long time usage
  • Uncomfortable for extended music listening or daily usage
  • Lacks proper midrange
  • Less wearing comfort throughout the day
  • Less color, design, and comfort choice

Consumer headphones

The main thing that sets a normal consumer headphone from a gaming headphone is the lack of availability of a built-in microphone. Normal headphones, however, come with better-tuned sounds and added comfort for the daily rough usage and music listening.

With a full-body midrange and controlled trebles, consumer headphones ace the pleasant and less tiring listening game. Also, you get a wide variety of colors, designs, and comfort levels to choose from. You can also choose if you want wired or Bluetooth ones with a warm base or a full-body midrange.

From a sleek design to heavy and bulky ones, you can rock all styles with a pair of consumer headphones that come with a variety of cool features to enhance your listening experience like noise cancellation, call support, multiple connectivities, and much more. The top consumer headphone brands are Beats, JBL, Bose, Sony, etc.

Now is the time for some disappointments, though. Like all products, even consumer headphones have their cons. They are –

  • Do not have a built-in mic
  • No hard and heart-thumping bass
  • Lack very advanced virtual or real surround sound capability

As for studio headphones, they are used for a whole different purpose and come with different specifications so they have not been listed in this article.

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