Different Types of Bluetooth versions

Bluetooth is everywhere we go these days. From fridges to cars to phones and earphones, this essential feature has enabled quick, seamless, and easy wireless transfer of media across devices hassle-free.

Knowing about all the Bluetooth versions and choosing the best and most suitable one for the purpose of your transferring thus becomes very important. Now, with the multitudes of varieties of Bluetooth versions available, it can get a little confusing as to what is the best version and how does every version differs from the others.

With the help of this article, we aim at resolving these doubts through a comprehensive list of all Bluetooth versions along with devices compatible and features used. The list is as follows:

Bluetooth version 5 (2016)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth is the latest one with the most robust connection and transferring speed. It comes with an extended battery life and a transfer range of about 50 to 200 meters which is pretty impressive. This version also comes with enhanced location services and better information syncing. The smartphones supporting this version of Bluetooth are Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 and above among several others.

Bluetooth version 4.2 (2014)

Launched in 2014, this version of Bluetooth was designed for the Internet of Things and comes equipped with the power to easily yield 2.5 times more data. This version is low-power, WPAN, and supports beacon privacy. It also enables billions of devices to have a unique IP address.

Bluetooth 4.1 (2013)

Launched in 2013, this version of Bluetooth provided more efficient data exchange and maintained connections with less manual intervention. It was also way better at coexistence with LTE frequencies and allowing device communication.

Bluetooth version 4 (2010)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth was low power energy and was marketed as “Bluetooth Smart.”

Bluetooth version 3 + HS (2009)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth was branded as HS (High Speed), such that the data was transmitted over Wi-Fi but the connection was made by Bluetooth only.

Bluetooth version 2.1 (2007)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth featured Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) which made pairing faster, more secure, and less power-consuming.

Bluetooth version 2 (2004)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth came with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) which was its main feature with a three-bit encoding system instead of the previous one-bit coding. This increased the data rate from 1 to 3 Mbps (in practice 2.1 Mbps), lesser power was used and all other interferences were taken care of.

Bluetooth version 1.2 (2003)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth came with a Basic Data Rate, an improved pairing speed as well as Adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) that helped avoid interference with Wi-Fi and other same-frequency waves.

Bluetooth version 1.1 (2001)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth came out with improvements and better reliability. Having still a lot to develop, this version meant that there will be several new versions with updated features.

Bluetooth version 1.0 and 1.0B (1999)

Launched in 2016, this version of Bluetooth was the first with lots of setbacks, obviously. It was still a breakthrough although it had several deployment issues.

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