Harmful Effects Of Listening Music With Earphones

Earphones are already a bane for the audiophile society but when it comes to Bluetooth earphones, the discussion takes a different turn altogether. The Bluetooth of the Bluetooth earphones are a fairly new concept and there is not enough research available to support any claim concretely as of now.

However, these devices do emit a certain kind of radiation called electromagnetic radiation or EMR. According to the FDA, however, this radiation exists in very low quantities in Bluetooth earphones which makes them fairly safe to humans.

Electromagnetic radiation is basically an invisible area of energy that exists in very small amounts in Bluetooth earphones or headphones. This type of energy can be emitted by both natural and synthetic objects in nature.

In this, electromagnetic energy is sent out by the object at different frequencies and the frequency is directly proportionate to the EMR emitted. In this article, we discuss how safe these kinds of products really are. All information will be backed by evidence provided by experts, of course.

So are they really safe?

Firstly, there is not enough research on this area to suggest anything concretely. Non-Ionizing radiation, as found in these devices, is required in large amounts to come in contact with and harm the body and the amount emitted by these devices is not enough to cause any noticeable changes in the body.

A research paper in 2019, called Biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields: Two sides of a coin, delves deeper into the health consequences of EMR exposure. However, there still is no consensus on if or not this kind of radiation harms the body. Let’s know more about the Harmful Effects of using earphones.

Some recent studies are emerging, suspecting that there might be some risk factors when using or being around EMR though. This could be via-


It has been found that EMR exposure can cause a high chance of pregnancy loss, making it about three times more likely for women who are expecting.

Some researchers have also claimed that high levels of exposure to EMR during pregnancy can cause several attention deficit disorders in children like ADHD.

Cell phones

When we talk about EMR, it becomes important to not leave out a facilitator of the EMR exposure – mobile phones which connect to your Bluetooth earbuds. There have been connections established between cell phone usage and serious disorders like brain tumors as well as tinnitus.

Long-term exposure to EMR led to male rats developing tumors in a recent study which has arisen several concerns of health. However, it has been pointed out that this might not be very related to the health of humans as the level and duration of the mice’s exposure was a lot more and a lot more intense.

Also, their entire bodies were exposed to radiation which is unlikely for us as radiation from cell phones is localized. However, overexposure to EMR through earbuds can lead to-

  • Risk of cancer
  • Cellular stress
  • Genetic damage
  • Changes to the reproductive system
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Neurological disorders

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