Difference between Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras

Since cameras are all the rage right now with YouTube vlogs and photography interesting a lot of young minds, choosing the right camera for the job becomes important and essential. But when one sets out to buy a camera they can have a lot of doubts.

Like what camera brand to trust, what model to buy, and what type of camera will be suitable for the job. The two main types of cameras are DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. In this article, clear the doubts about these two types of cameras and also tell you how these devices work individually.

What is a DSLR camera?

Coming in the same design as the 35 mm cameras that were popular earlier, DSLR cameras have a mirror inside their body to reflect light through the lens into a prism into the viewfinder. After you review your shot, you click a picture.

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What is a mirrorless camera?

In these cameras light directly passes through the lens into the image sensor without passing through a prism or a mirror after which it is displayed on to the screen. These cameras can have a second screen for the eye.

Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras : Which one better?

Now that we know what these cameras are and how they work, let us take a look at all the factors, specifications, and features that make one different from the other and which one best Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras.

Dimensions and weight

DSLR cameras are larger and bulkier while mirrorless cameras are more compact and portable. While DSLRs need to be carried around and could be a hassle for travelers due to their sophisticated designs, mirrorless cameras come in a simple design and are easy to handle.

AF speed

AF or Auto Focus speed and low lighting shooting used to be the highest in DSLRs but now mirrorless cameras also have decent AF speed. But DSLRs still rule when it comes to capturing things in motion with great detail with AF.

Image preview

The optical viewfinder shows you what you will capture with a DSLR but with a mirrorless camera, you have an electronic viewfinder. For low lighting, mirrorless cameras may show a dull and grainy preview but DSLRs’ quality is always better in this field.

Video shooting quality

Video shooting is excellent with high-end mirrorless cameras and DSLRs are usually slow and bulkier for video shooting for long periods of time although their picture quality might be better. It is always better to invest in a good mirrorless camera for this purpose.

Video shooting speed

DSLRs are slow and can blur out some details if used for video shooting. Mirrorless cameras have a better frame per second speed as compared to DSLRs. And if you buy a high-end mirrorless camera, it will give you the best quality of videos, unlike DSLRs.

Battery life

Usually, DSLR cameras have a better battery life as they do not consume much energy for displaying pictures but certain DSLRs can end up using a lot of power too. Removable batteries ensure that you conserve power. High-end mirrorless cameras can have better batteries.

Lens and accessories

For DSLRs, you can have a number of lenses, covers, and other accessories from the manufacturer or other third-party companies. As they are heavy, they will also be requiring carry bags and lens covers which is not the case with mirrorless cameras.

Now that we know how exactly these two devices differ, it is safe to say that mirrorless cameras are good for shooting and video recording purposes as they have low maintenance and DSLRs are bulkier but better for clicking pictures even in low lighting conditions. We hope that article helped you know which is better and mirrorless vs DSLR cameras.

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