What is noise-canceling in headphones?

Thanks to our noisy lifestyles and the cities noise pollution, we are all familiar with the term noise-canceling headphones. But how many of us actually know what exactly are they and how they work? In this article, we try to explain it to you in simple and helpful words!

First off, there are two types of noise cancellation and before buying, you should know what you want since companies tend to throw around this term. There are the noise-canceling microphone and noise-canceling in headphones.

The first type helps the person you are talking to, get a clear voice of yours on the other end without and disturbances or background noise while the second type of noise cancellation is the kind where you yourself cancel out the noise around you so that you are unable to hear the background noise and work/talk in peace.

Since the first kind of noise cancellation is pretty much self-explanatory, in the following section, we will talk about noise cancellation in headphones.

Noise cancellation in the headphones

These kinds of headphones help the wearer of the headphones cancel out ambient noises and other noisy distractions while talking to someone, listening to music, and so on.

People wear these while gaming, on long flights, in noisy surroundings to work or attend conferences over phones or computers, and many other places which make these headphones very popular in the current age.

Now, in terms of effectiveness in noise cancellations, there are two types of noise-canceling in headphones – active and passive noise canceling. The following section will examine these two types in details-

Passive noise cancellation

This kind of noise cancellation is achieved through a headphones’ physical features such as its build design and the kind of materials it uses (noise eliminating or absorbing materials).

Earmuffs, large ear tips that cover your ear, and bulky designs usually do the job. By simply putting on the headphones, you can notice the difference in not being able to hear high-frequency noises, irregular sounds, and other buzzing noises of the busy environment.

These headphones are suitable for people who work or live in busy environments hustling and bustling with noise which makes it difficult to have a conference over the call or listen to music in peace.

Active noise cancellation

Active noise cancellation employs a more advanced technology to cancel noise and this makes it better than passive noise canceling.

Active noise-canceling headphones detect and analyze sound patterns and cancel that distracting noise by generating a mirror “anti-noise” signal that counters the incoming noise and renders it ineffective. This method reduces noise so much that you can barely hear any noise.

Best for continuous background noise like the humming of your cooler, the television turned on during a call, or other low-frequency noises that can be very annoying over a period of time. Active noise cancellation can be found in stereo headsets, professional gaming headsets, and other devices.

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