soundbar vs home theater: Which is better?

The question as to “what would be the best speakers for my computer?” and “How can I enhance my TV’s sound to make it the best?” have stayed around since forever and answering them is still tough for people.

When it comes to audiophiles, it becomes rather difficult for them to pick between a soundbar vs home theater. So, which one to pick? Ni this article, we discuss the pros and cons of each device and clear up all your doubts about it!

Soundbar Vs Home Theater : Which one good for you?

First of all, let us tell you what the two devices are.

What is a soundbar?

A soundbar is a compact device that is used to get more depth, volume, bass, and other enhanced sound features by just placing it in front of your TV and connecting the two devices. With a single soundbar, you get surround sound and many other cool audio-enhancing features.

These gadgets are slim, compact, easy to use, and a single solution to most of your audio problems.

What are home theater speakers?

Home theatre speakers are available in sets of speakers and give you a proper surround sound feature but they take up a lot more space and are also more costly. The surround sound feature depends on whether the speaker is a 2.1 channel or 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel. The higher, the better.

Either Home Theater soundbars, no matter which one you get, will definitely be an upgrade from the in-built Home Theaters of your TV. Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of each individual design.


If you buy high-end ones, you can definitely get better quality sound even from soundbars. These bars come with a 3D sound experience and wireless subwoofers that can provide you with decent bass. However, if you buy cheap ones, they might not really be an upgrade from your already existing TV speakers.


  • Easy to set up and install
  • Minimal wiring required
  • Good for everyday TV usage and basic sounds
  • Cheaper and cost effective
  • More compact, slim and portable
  • Come with different built-in speakers instead of one for surround sound


  • Surround sound cannot match the quality of speakers’ surround sound

Home Theater Speakers:

Home Theater Speakers are great with surround sound to give you that theatre-like experience at home. They are available in a range of sizes but that does not affect the sound-enhancing capability. They require more work but are definitely worth it if you want that perfect movie night at home.


  • Excellent surround sound feature
  • Highly customizable
  • Very suitable for gaming nights or movie nights
  • Different channel options as requirement (2.1, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1)


  • Has lots of components
  • Not compact and portable
  • Not very cheap
  • Complicated set up that requires lot of wiring

Now if you are clear about these devices and have made up your mind on what to buy, here is a list of factors you should consider before buying your gadget. Good luck!

  1. Sensitivity
  2. Frequency response
  3. Power consumption
  4. HDMI inputs and outputs
  5. Support sound technologies
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